My friend Shirley told me about this accountability thing she’s doing, by tweeting. I’m going to try the same via blogging. I will try to post every night about what I accomplished throughout the day, in an effort to shame me into applying to jobs, getting in shape, and getting my projects done. These entries will probably be boring for most readers, so I apologize. From now on just know that if an entry is titled with a date, it will just list what I did or did not do. Feel free to hold me accountable if I fail to make an entry for a day, or fail to list any great achievements for the day. Or feel free to ignore these entries :)

Starting with yesterday, January 24th:
What I did:
  • Looked online for jobs
  • Spent quality time with mom
  • Picked up the last two frames for the Haiti photo gallery which will be going up today. Spent some time with Dave at Chapman Law finishing up details on descriptions.
  • Went to old work to clear up some stuff that needed clearing up
  • Called immigration client and made appointment for next week. Need to work on her declaration before meeting with her.
  • Followed up with Haiti Scholarship board of directors, sent documents for them to review before our conference call today.
  • Conference call with OC Hispanic Bar Association for Dinner Committee
What I didn’t do:
  • Apply to jobs (fail, I know, but I really was busy all day!)
  • Work on immigration cases
  • Follow up on fundraiser for Haiti
  • Go to the gym
  • Follow up on sponsors and silent auction donations for OCHBA
  • Get anything done around the house
Over all, not a great start. Hoping today will be better. It’s already 9:25 am though, so I better get started.