I think I hit my low last week. I knew that it would come, it was almost as if I was waiting for it to hit me. I sat around our apartment, got angry at hulu and netflix for not having more stuff that I was in the mood to watch, and blamed them for my boredom. Thing is, I have TONS of stuff to work on: pro bono cases, fundraising projects, working on developing a nonprofit, hundreds of little projects I need to do around the apartment, calls, emails, the list goes on and on. And yet, last week, I spent most of it on either the futon or the couch, wondering what I could possibly watch next on my laptop. It didn’t help that I finally got confirmation that I didn’t get the job I really wanted in LA, or that I received a piece of mail on Saturday that complicates my life a little more than I need right now.
It’s pathetic. I’m healthy, I have two degrees I need to put to use, I have a supporting and loving husband, and so many other things I should give thanks for every day.
So my plan this week is to turn things around. Starting today, I’m applying to one or two jobs a day (at least), I’m going to leave the apartment more, I’m going to make myself go to the gym, I’m going to make progress on my projects before they blow up in my face for lack of attention. I’m going to do something different.