I recently started to discover the usefulness of Twitter. Criticize what you may about it, but if you use it correctly, it’s actually a great resource for news and updates on things you’re interested in. And it’s how I came across this month’s Charity of the Month: FEED Projects.
Basically, you buy a bag, and the proceeds of that purchase go towards providing free meals to children in schools, usually through the UN World Food Program.
One of the most useful items is the FEED 100 bag: for $30, you provide 100 schools meals to children in Rwanda. There is also the FEED 1 bag, for $60 you feed one child for a whole year. As FEED points out, this school meal is the ONLY meal that these children get. All day. We may get hungry and grumpy if we don’t have our morning snack, but imagine going hungry all day…or several days. $60 means you are allowing a child the satisfaction of going home without being hungry, for a whole year.
The FEED shop also features Kenyan scarves and bracelets,
FEED t-shirts, and pouches that can be used as clutches, make up bags, etc. The pouches go for $25 and provide food and job skill training for 10 women.
It would be a sin not to put a plug in for the FEED 3 Guatemala bag, which, personally, is the coolest one…Sadly, these and others are only sold in certain stores, so check the FEED Store for details.
And if you want to support children close to home, you can purchase the FEED USA bag. The cool thing about this bag is that you get to choose which school food improvement program you want to fund!
“I can’t afford to buy a bag right now.” Well you’re in luck. There are so many ways to support an organization, that doesn’t involve spending money. Mainly, help spread the word. Share what FEED is doing with your friends and family, and ask them to spread the word as well.
On a side note, please let me know if you have an organization that is near and dear to your heart, that you think would be a good feature for this blog in 2011 :)