“Dear Jesus….please bless…..bless the food we’re about to eat. Thank you for today…and thank you for Alex being here today.”

Last year I started to tutor the two older children of an amazing family, I’ll call them the D Family. Part of my tutoring involves having dinner with the family, and the kids take turns on who will say grace before we dig in. Those simple lines always make me so happy, and make me feel very blessed to get time to spend with the D family. I know we’re all thankful for various things in our life, but isn’t it crazy to think that someone is thankful to have YOU in their life? Coming from kids under the age of 10, mostly without prompting, I think it’s pretty awesome. I will admit that one of my favorite graces was last night, when the 3 year-old (or is he four? hmmm) started saying grace, then had to stop because he said he was going to cough, so dad offered to finish saying grace. I never heard a cough, but I thought that was very thoughtful of him!

If any member of the D family cheats during grace and opens their eyes, they’ll catch a giant smile come across my face as the words “and we’re thankful for Alex being here today” are muttered. Every time.

To the D family, you know who you are: thank you for letting me into your home, thank you for the countless meals, and for all the advice and support each of you have given me over the past year. I am truly thankful to have you all in my life.