I bet you had no idea! Ha. I think the current state of the economy is something this is affecting everyone in this country, no matter how rich or poor you were when it first started. In the least, I’m sure everyone at least knows someone who has been. Our little home has definitely felt the effects in a very personal way, and although it sucks, we just have to keep the hope that it will get better in time.
What is really scary is seeing all the business that are closing around town. On our way to Jeff’s parents house, there is one shopping center that is completely empty except for the liquor store–because we all still need to drink away our sorrows, no matter how poor we are! But I’ve seen shopping centers like that everywhere…one shop closes down, then the next, then the next. Before you know it, there are tumbleweeds blowing across the parking lot. Cue Family Guy scene:
Cleveland: The only guy making any money is the guy that sells tumbleweeds.
Old guy: Y’all laughed at me! heh haw hah! Y’all laughed at me! (flashes money to beautiful woman) What do you think of this?
Beautiful woman: That makes you attractive!
Ok, enough of that.
So recently Jeff and I found out that our favorite Mexican restaurant, Fresca’s, closed down. I am really bummed that we can’t go there for lunch anymore, but I’m confident we can find mexican food somewhere else (one of the many great things about Southern California). What really bummed me out was thinking about the cashier who recognized us every time we came in, and the cooks who never seemed upset when I asked for extra limes or sour cream (although I still have my theory that that’s because I speak Spanish…but now we’ll never know). I can’t help but wonder what they’re doing now, how are they feeding their families, where they able to find something else?
According to a random website I found, 1.5 million businesses have closed, and California particularly has seen some of the greatest losses with 174,000 places closing.
In lieu of this, I’m sure we all know a business that was near and dear to our hearts that is no longer. What’s your favorite business that has closed? Do you think they’ll come back in a few years? For completely selfish reasons, I hope Fresca’s is up and running again soon…