Not too long ago I posted an entry about holiday shopping through charities, and ever since that posting I’ve been running into more and more awesome shopping ideas. So here are some updates to the last post:
5) Central Asia Institute: the founder of CAI is the author of Three Cups of Tea, which details Greg Mortenson’s adventures in building schools in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The premise of this organization is that the war on terror is better fought by providing education to the impoverished areas of these countries, rather than fighting a military war. Agree or not, education is always important, and the work that CAI is doing in these areas is absolutely amazing. Unlike the PIH calendar, this one is only $10 and you get a sneak peak of what you get!
6) Charity Water: charity water is a previous Charity of the Month. They build wells in Africa so people can finally have access to water. Check out there online store here. They’re items include another calendar (talk about options!), gelskins for all your electronics, as well as some pretty cool t-shirts, bracelets, hydration bottles, etc. Check ’em out!
7) All Hands Volunteers: Biosand Filters Project: if you’re a frequent reader, I don’t need to tell you about All Hands (formerly Hands on Disaster Response), since I’ve talked about them without end in the past. Check out the video to see how you can help people in Haiti have access to CLEAN water and prevent further cholera outbreaks.

Saving Lives With Biosand Filters from All Hands Volunteers on Vimeo.

8) 31 Bits: in my last charity shopping blog, Nate mentioned I should check out 31 bits. I did and I think you should to. All jewelry is made out of 100% recycled paper by internally displaced women in Northern Uganda. Here are a couple of my favorite items they have:
9) Me to We Style: this online store has some amazing clothes, and 50% of what you pay goes to their charity partner, Free the Children, which supports development projects in rural and impoverished areas across the world. Again, some of my personal favorites (but please feel free to peruse for yourself!):
The first one is actually for a fundraiser challenge, I’m not sure if you can purchase individually, but it’s my favorite:
But they have other cool t-shirts, as well as dresses, scarves, handbags, and men’s t-shirts:
So, I think I’ve given you quite the array of options! Now say you, wouldn’t it be nice to have one central location where you could actually look at all of these things for yourself, and not have to deal with the extra hassle or expense of shipping and handling? SAY NO MORE! (wow, I think it’s a good thing I didn’t go into advertising…). For those locally in Southern California, there’s a church in Laguna Beach this is hosting an “Alternative Christmas/Holiday Market.” In this market you’ll actually find some of the organizations listed on this blog, and they’re having it this Saturday and again in two weeks. For those of you who live further away, I encourage you to find a similar event near you.
A few more sites that my friend Sarah has passed along:
10) Krochet Kids International: another store with cool beanies, shirts, scarves, etc. that creates sustainable development programs. Check them out here.
11) International Sanctuary: Advocates for exploited people around the world. This online shop has a BUNCH of really cool jewelry, and it’s pretty well priced. You can check out what the organization does here, and you can shop online here.
12) Princess Project: sales “punjammies” that are created in an after care facility for women who have been rescued, released, or escaped from a life of forced prostitution. Learn about their story here. You can shop for comfortable sleepwear and tees here.
13) The hunger site: I haven’t actually had a chance to figure this one out, but if Sarah recommended it, then it must have some good stuff on there. Check ’em out here.