Ok, so here’s the deal: whenever Jeff and I chose to get an appetizer when we eat out, we always go for whatever spinach-artichoke dip version they may have. There are times that we order it, and only after do we remember, hmmm, we didn’t really like this one last time. But since it’s our default, we always order it, regardless! So here comes my brilliant (um, lame?) idea: start a little section of this blog where I keep track of which ones we’ve tried, where, and a quick reminder as to what we thought of it. On the first couple I forgot to take a picture…but later entries will be better documented :) Hope this is helpful to some of you out there who enjoy spinach-artichoke dip as much as we do!

First victim: Lucille’s BBQName: Spinach and Cheese Dip
Price: $4.95 for a half order
Description: “spinach and artichokes blended with a creamy cheese sauce and served hot with fresh tortilla chips.”
Our thoughts: for a half order, the portion was of a good size. It was more cheesy than spinach-y, and it was a little watery for our taste. I’m thinking next time we’ll probably try a different appetizer…I mean, I guess at some point we should try to venture out of our comfort zone anyway.