Wow, I really thought I had already submitted my charity for September. Glad I checked today, I still have a few hours (on the West Coast, at least)!

I’m sure most of you know about this organization, but I’m going for it anyway. Locks of Love creates wigs for children. I always thought it was wigs for kids with cancer, but the focus of the organization is actually for children suffering from alopecia, or hair loss. Either way, hair donations go towards providing free or low cost wigs for children, who would otherwise have to suffer through the embarrassment of being bald. It’s hard enough for adults to deal with that, but imagine children going to school and the endless teasing I’m sure they have to endure.
I first donated my hair about 3 years ago, and I’ve been wanting to cut again for quite some time now, but I was waiting to find someone I felt comfortable with, and make sure I had the funds to get it cut. Thankfully, I found Amy, who did an amazing job.
My hair is now waiting patiently in a nice plastic bag, just waiting to be shipped out to make someone happy (I hope…).

If you’ve got it in you, consider letting your hair grow out long enough to donate it, you won’t regret it. I mean, even if you don’t find someone as amazing as Amy…it grows back! (sorry, couldn’t help it…)