We have had and have coming up some pretty exciting things this Summer. My coworker Rama got married, followed by our good friend Abby, and coming up in a couple weeks, Julian and Erika will tie the knot! Jeff and I also got to meet up with Aaron and Dana, who we hadn’t seen in forever. Dana and I met in college, and I’m glad that we’ve kept our friendship going through the years. I think the best part of meeting up was noticing how well Jeff and Aaron got along. I just wish they lived closer!

In other exciting news, Jeff started working! He was able to get in touch with an old manager from Diedrich’s, and is now working at a different coffee shop with that same manager. It’s not a dream job, but it’s definitely going to help us out a lot. Direct Loans is going to be happy, at least (sigh). What sucks, though, is that he’s going to be working closing shifts. This means that when I’m leaving work at 5pm, he’s leaving the house to go to work. When I’m getting ready to go to bed at 10pm, he’s closing up the store, when I’m getting ready to leave to work at 7:30am (ok, let’s be realistic, 7:40-ish), he’s sleeping. Our real challenge will be this week, his first week working nights: he’ll be closing Monday through Thursday.
Looking at the positive: I’m excited to come visit him at work (much like he used to do for me when I was working at Starbucks when we were first dating), and maybe work on some side projects I have going on. I honestly miss taking my lap top to a coffee shop and accomplishing work, both of which I don’t do very much anymore. I usually come home to Jeff and am content to just sit on the couch, go for a walk, figure out dinner, and lounge together. Going to visit him and maybe take him dinner will get me more motivated to get back on my lap top and work on fundraising and research ideas I’ve had for the past several months.
Here’s to a new and challenging time of our lives.