So there I am, driving in the far right lane, minding my own business, driving at a reasonable speed (obviously). I get closer to an intersection, green light, keep my foot on the peddle, and notice there’s NO ONE AROUND ME. As I’m about to cross into the intersection, I see a car inching towards the intersection, it’s about to make a right hand turn into my direction of traffic. And here’s the thing, if you can make that turn before I get to you, by all means. Especially considering the two lanes to my left are COMPLETELY EMPTY. So yeah, make your right turn, just make sure you go over a couple lanes. If out of three lanes you can turn into, two of them are void of oncoming traffic, why on EARTH would you turn into THE ONE lane that has oncoming traffic?? Why?!

So now I’m either slamming on my brakes to give you a chance to speed up, or changing lanes to avoid hitting you. While I’m doing either of these, I’m probably telling you you’re an idiot, to myself of course. I understand I’m driving in the “slow” lane, but that doesn’t excuse you from being a dorkus major. The only reason I write this is because it’s been happening to me quite a bit lately, and I just don’t understand why. It seems like common sense to me, if I’m at a red light, about to make a right hand turn, and I see a car on the “slow” lane, and the other two open, yeah, I’ll turn, but make sure I move out of your way. Why would I turn into the one lane where I run the risk of being rear ended, or dying from someone’s road rage because I just so happened to drive them over the edge by making them slam on their brakes?
Maybe we’re losing some common sense?