Fresh ground coffee. MmmmmMmmm. Aside from the smell of fresh cut wood, dirt after it just started raining, and maybe Guatemalan smog (not kidding), this is one of my favorite smells. I guess more specifically, fresh ground “quality” coffee. I’ve been drinking coffee probably since I was a baby. Brooke and Jeff can tell you that I’m not usually a coffee snob. As long as I have a pound of creamer and sugar in it, I could care less what the actual coffee tastes like. BUT, that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good cup of coffee much more than a mediocre one.

Jeff and I had the pleasure of being visited these past few weeks by a good friend from Guatemala, Isabel. Being as amazing as she is, she brought us one of our favorite things: fresh whole bean coffee from Guat. (Our other favorite things from Guatemala: champurradas and black beans). Um, I honestly think this coffee just turned me into a coffee snob. It was ridiculously delicious. I could instantly tell the difference when we ran out of it and we had to go back to our store bought ground coffee. Such sadness of heart.

I was excited about the prospect of purchasing this delicious coffee online, since the label had a website on it. And yes, they actually do sell it online. And it’s actually reasonably priced (roughly ten bucks for a little less than a pound), but as with all things you buy online that are reasonably charged, the shipping charges are ridiculous. So here’s what I’m thinking: let me know who’s interested in getting some, we can pool our money together and just pay for one big lump sum shipping charge!