Have any of you gone back to your college campus and just felt…..old? I remember going to the UCSB campus with Jeff when we first started dating, almost four years ago. I was so excited, since I hadn’t been there since graduation. Mind you, at this point it had only been a little over a year since I had graduated. And yet, things felt so weird. For one, you no longer have the same connection to the campus. It’s not your campus anymore, you’re not walking to class, or rushing to work at the poli sci department, or going to some club meeting. Nope, you’re just a stranger walking by, an alumni trying to relive your glory days! What weirds me out the most is how old you feel by it. I honestly don’t “feel” very different from one I graduated, or for when I started college, for that point. But I look at college kids these days and they just look so darn YOUNG! In my mind, I’m not that much older, not that much more mature (weeeeeeeell, this one can be argued), not that much different from where these college kids are in their life, and yet, I am. It’s a crazy realization, huh?