A couple days ago I realized that a new month was upon me, and you know what this means: a new opportunity to highlight an amazing organization! I was running low on organizations that I was personally aware of, and although I could have done a google search to research organizations around the world, I decided to reach out to my facebook community to see what suggestions they had. I was so happy to get suggestions from several people, and thanks to them I have found some really cool organizations that I will be highlighting over the next few months.
For this month I have decided to go with Heifer International, an organization suggested by Jessica. A little bit about her: our first year in college we walked down the streets of Del Playa in Santa Barbara, arms linked, laughing about how alike we were and how we should have been twins, except for the small fact that she’s asian and I’m guatemalan. No biggie :) Turns out she’s even more awesome than I thought: she is personally involved in several charities, Heifer being one of them.
Have you ever thought about buying a heifer for a family who is starving?

How about a llama for a poor farmer in Peru?

Maybe you’ve thought about buying a flock of chicks to donate to a family. Maybe not, huh? Well now you can. Turns out the mission of Heifer is not just to give people food, but to make them self sufficient by giving them the tools needed to help themselves. You give them something they can use to live off of for years to come, to create income and food for their home, to feed their malnourished children. And you can help.
Through Heifer, you can purchase one of these meaningful gifts, or you can purchase a “share” of it if you can’t afford the whole thing on your own. How cool is that??
It gets better. If you want to go a step further, you can create your own Heifer Team to fundraise money. The website gives you all sorts of ideas on how you can raise money for the organization, so you are not going into this bling. You can also join an existing team if you do not want to start one on your own.
You can also donate to a project instead of purchasing an individual gift. Heifer is involved in projects all over the world, so I won’t list them all here, but I encourage you to check out their page and see if there is any specific project that may be dear to your heart, and worth a donation.
I also encourage you to check out their success stories so you can see exactly how this organization is making a difference in people’s lives.
Thank you Jessica for letting me know about this great organization. I definitely look forward to contributing to it in the near future.