So last week, Jeff’s parents took off to Florida to visit some relatives, and they asked us to watch Zoe, the most adorable and awesome dog ever. Last time we watched Zoe, it was a little difficult to be going back and forth to their house, so this time we decided it would just be easier to move into their place for the week, instead of Jeff (or I) having to drive over to their house in the morning and at night to be with her and feed her and the cat. What a wise, wise decision.

I was feeling like a little kid again, playing all grown-up-like. Look at us, married couple with a cute little dog, and a house with a front porch swing. It was awesome! We were able to have friends over and not feel cramped (and it’s awesome to not have to hide this fact from your parents anymore), and enjoy the amenities of a full kitchen, dinning room, and….CABLE!

This is how unaccustomed to these amenities we are: Sunday night we watched the series finale of Lost, and then wanted to watch the Jimmy Kimel special that was on after that. So we got into bed and turned on the amazing TV that Jeff’s parents have in their room. By 12:15am we were beyond exhausted, and both of us had started to snooze through the “interviews.” So we looked at each other, laughed, and decided it was a lost cause, we were just gonna turn off the TV and call it quits. As Jeff was about to turn off the TV, it hit me: HIS PARENTS HAVE DVR!!! Holy crap, we can go to sleep AND still watch the show, TOMORROW. Holy crap, having technology at your fingertips is amazing. We also got to host a Saturday brunch in the backyard, which was ridiculously nice.

Anyhow, reality hit us on Saturday when we moved back into our apartment. I’m not gonna lie, we missed our place, but it was nice to know what it’ll be like to have an actual house. It gives us something to look forward to!