Before you get any crazy ideas, I’m talking about the perfect Subway sandwich. I’m sure someone at some point has gotten this perfect combination, but I wonder if they’ve ever gone the extra mile: give it a name. Well…Jeff and I did. I stumbled upon this combination, and can’t order anything else now. It’s delicious and feels extremely healthy (disclaimer: I don’t know exactly how healthy it is, but it sounds pretty darn healthy).

So here we go:

  • -Black forest ham
  • -on white (I guess you could go the extra mile and go wheat…)
  • -pepper jack cheese (key ingredient)
  • -lettuce
  • -tomato
  • -avocado (another key ingredient)
  • -cucumber
  • -green bell peppers
  • -salt and pepper
  • -oil and vinegar

Add to this some Cool Ranch chips, and you’ve got a stellar lunch or dinner!

Tell me this doesn’t look delicious!