Guess what? More rubble work today! (By the way, the internet here is terrible, so I’ve been trying to upload these blogs for the last two days…to no avail. As I write this, there is a possibility you will not get to read them until I get to a decent wireless location…probably in the US.) And yes, I went back to the same site. Some of the locals already know me, and call me by my name. Oh and yesterday they brought someone else to look at my long hair again (not sure if I’ve mentioned this before or not…hope I did). Anyhow, there wasn’t much furniture to salvage today, but that made removing the rubble a lot easier, since you can just get straight to it. The only annoying thing is that you have to prep what you’re going to shovel in first, and that usually takes a bit of time. And one of the local Haitian volunteers was a little too excited with the pick axe and kept getting in my way. Oh well, we’re all there to accomplish the same thing.

Another curious thing about this place: I actually hear a lot of Spanish music. Old school spanish music. Like Jose Jose, Marisela, and right now I’m currently listening to Enrique Iglesias, in Spanish. The languages spoken here are French and creole (which is a combination of French and something else), so I don’t understand why there’s so much Spanish influence. It seems that alot of Haitians actually speak Spanish. There is one translator who’s Spanish I actually understand better than his English, so I’ve chosen to speak to him in Spanish better. He’s actually supposed to take me somewhere I can buy some Haitian rap music, so I’m excited about that. Mom, Linda, Jeff, do not worry. This guy actually works for our organization, he’s been here for a long time, and he’s pretty legit ;)

I’m actually really looking forward to tomorrow. I’m taking a break from rubbling and going to help out at the Mayor’s office. We’re basically trying to talk to everyone at the Mayor’s office to see how things are done (or not) and give them ideas on how they can be improved. It’s supposed to be pretty dull, but I’m actually quite excited.

Also, Brian from the UN told me I could stop by his work sometime this week so I could see the offices in action. I actually have to email him know to see if we can set up a time, and I’ll have to figure out how I can get there. Wish me luck!

And Dad, you and Jeff are no longer the only ones in the family with a sock tan :)