We made it to Miami. It’s currently 3:21 a.m. back home, and I really wish I was laying in bed with Jeff. But alas, we’re on a mission!

First shocker of the night: American Airlines let me check in TWO bags with NO FEES. Not one. But two (well, one and a sleeping back, but still). Free. I didn’t think that existed anymore!
Second shocker of the night: realizing I’m not as much of an expert traveler as I thought I was. When it comes to security lines, I think I’ve got it down pretty good. Especially with going through security areas at court all the time now, I’m pretty much shoeless and jewelry-less and everything is packed in the cubby in time. I’m not gonna lie….one of the security guards at a courthouse even commented on my preparedness. So here I am, walking up to the security point at LAX, thinking “I’ve got this.” Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell, I’ve never traveled with a laptop before. So there I was, just waiting to push my cubby through the x-ray machine, and the guard tells me that my laptop has to have it’s own little cubby…apparently it can’t share space with my shoes. Well, I wasn’t prepared for this! Thanks to the helpfulness of the lady behind us (who probably just didn’t want to be held up by dorks like us), we finally got our stuff through…and again thanks to the lady behind us, she handed Abby my passport and boarding pass, which I had set down in the commotion of the you’re-laptop-needs-it’s-own-cubby. Modesty, Alex, modesty. Life has a way of showing you you’re not as much of a hot shot whenever you think you are!
Other funny story I’d like to share: after we landed, one of the flight attendants made the announcement that everyone needed to remain seated until we got stationed at our gate. There were already a few people standing and opening overhead compartments, so she had to repeat her message a couple times. Well, there was one lady standing in the aisle who apparently thought it wasn’t obvious that she was the only one standing in the aisle. After another friendly and general reminder from the flight attendant that everyone needed to be seated, a second and more stern flight attendant made another announcement: “Ma’am! Please sit down!” Yes, ma’am, she’s talking to you.
I also want to thank everyone again for their generosity: I got a few last minute donations in the last couple days, and I’m still amazed at people’s generosity and willingness to help out. You all make this world a better place by being amazing! And thank you to the work crew for a delicious breakfast, and the TVN crew and friends for meeting up for dinner-you guys rock.
Well, we’ve got another two hours before we board our flight to Haiti. Time for some card games, gossip magazines, and maybe a snooze.