I still can’t believe that tomorrow night I’ll be on my way to Haiti. I feel like it was ages ago when Abby first shared her thoughts of this trip with me. I remember feeling so sad when things didn’t pan out the first attempt, and then how amazing everything fell into place on the second go-around.

I am so thankful to everyone who made this happen. Most people have said they’re so proud of me for going to do something like this. But honestly, this is something I’ve always WANTED to do. I’m thrilled and excited to be going. In reality, I’m more proud of every single person who has made this trip possible. Without your donations and your support, this dream wouldn’t be coming true.

So my bags are packed and ready to go (cue scene from Armageddon where Ben Affleck is saying goodbye to Liv Tyler), and tomorrow will prove to be a long day. I committed myself to a half day in the office, which little did I know at the time included an 8am appearance in court. Working until lunch, then working on my last minute list: make copies of passport and ID, go to a Catholic store and replace my St. Christopher medallion, make a few calls, buy some chocolate for the volunteers already in Haiti, etc. Chocolate, you say? Yes, apparently it’s in high demand over there. See, I’m only going for a week and a half, but there are volunteers down there that have committed to long term stays, such as a month or two. That means two months of rice and beans. Chocolate starts sounding pretty good after a while, I’m sure. Then I’ll double check that I have packed every thing, dinner with the TVN crew, then heading out to the airport with Paul, Abby, and Jeff. Flight leaves at 10pm and we should be in Haiti within 12 hours.

My next entry will be from Leogane, Haiti. Thank you for that.