In the age of iPhones and iPhone applications, I’ve come to the realization that you can tell a lot about a person by the applications they decide to put on their phones. And I’ve come to the realization that I’m kind of a dork. There are the standard applications, for weather, maps, Facebook (a must, obviously). As far as games, I only use Words Free so Shirley can kick my butt, and Sol Free to play solitaire (see previous entry). Other than that, here are the applications I REALLY use:

  • Fluent News
  • UN News
  • AP Mobile
  • NPR News
Yes, that’s right, all news. Fluent News gives me snippets of headlines from all sources of print information, from CNN, FOX, AP Mobile, USA Today, BBC, Wall Street Journal, etc. AP Mobile is similar, but it breaks the news down into categories: top news, showbiz, US News, top news, world, etc. Of course, you can customize what categories you want to see. NPR is just a great source of information when you actually want a little more in depth information on anything, since they go the extra mile in investigative journalism (I think).
But by far my favorite is UN News. I actually paid for this one. I have 16 different newsfeeds on this app, and the ones I check the most right now are “top stories” and “Americas.” What’s awesome about this app is that it is keeping me updated on the latest news about what is going on in terms of Haiti relief. With my trip coming up in less than two weeks, its great to see this app and know what’s going on and what the latest UN projects are over there.
Like I said, dork status number one.