A couple quick updates that are worth mentioning:

Firstly, Jeff got a job! We’re both soooo very excited about this. Hopefully with two steady incomes, we’ll be able to figure out our finances (and my stupid student loans), and maybe even start saving for a vacation or a home. The great thing about this job is that it offers health insurance, which we both haven’t had in a long time and are really looking forward to (just think about how much cheaper those malaria pills would have been WITH insurance!).
MIKE AND ULI ARE COMING HOME! For those of you unawares, Jeff’s brother, Mike, and his wife, Uli, had to move to Germany at the end of 2008 to take care of some stuff, and they’ve been out there since. Thing is, they also got a little frisky while they were out there and now we have a new member in the family, little Henry (aka, Hank). It’s been pretty terrible not being able to meet the little guy, other than through Skype and Facebook picutures. I know Mike and Uli didn’t make their decision to move back lightly, since there are still a lot of unresolved issues over there, but Jeff and I (not to mention their parents) are beyond stoked to have them and lil Hank in our lives again. Holidays and family time has not been the same since they were gone: although you carry on as if nothing’s wrong, everyone at the dinner table is aware that there are a couple very important people missing. I can’t wait for the dinner table to be full again!