What is it??! What makes games like Spider Solitaire so freakin addicting?? I can clearly remember the good ole college days when Jenna would come into Billie and my dorm, and play game after game of solitaire. And then I would follow. Over and over again. New deal. New deal. New deal. New deal. New deal. You get the point. I rarely won. But I kept trying. New deal. New deal. Restart. New deal.

And then there was lawschool. Talk about an effective way to throw your money down the drain by zoning out professors. It was also a great way to take a study break. I can’t even imagine how many games Katie and I played on our laptops at Starbucks, Saxby’s, the Misison Viejo library, or any other place we tried to study at.
After I bought my mac, my addiction ceased temporarily because I didn’t figure out how to get spider solitaire on it. But now I have an iPhone…and it has a spider solitaire application…hmmmm.
I wonder if it boils down to human nature, and our desire to succeed. I can’t take failure for an answer when it comes to Spider Solitaire, yet I know I will fail most of the time. And when I succeed…I want to succeed again!
(editorial note: I googled “spider solitaire addiction” and wow, there were a ton of entries. So we’re not alone…)