I still can’t believe I’m going to Haiti. I’m going to be there in less than two weeks, and it still feels surreal. I think that might also be because of the fact that work has been keeping my mind pretty busy so I haven’t had time to think about it…or to get all my stuff together!

I did get my malaria pills (thank you Linda!), which only cost me/donors $205. I know, right? Insane! But at least I won’t get malaria, so that’s good. I have to start taking them a couple days before I leave, while I’m there, and for a whole week after I get back. That won’t be annoying :)

My mom also took me shopping on Sunday so we could scratch some things off my list. I got a windbreaker for $20 instead of like $60, since it’s going to be raining like crazy over there (although it’ll be hot, so who knows if I’ll actually need it). She also bought me some comfy pants to wear around our campsite. I also went and bought a locker combination lock so I can keep all my things nice and safe. It’s purple and A-MAZING. I hope I can find a good use for it after I come back.

Some stuff I still need to take care of:
  • Masks/Work Gloves/Hat (Home Depot, here I come!)
  • Trail/Work Boots (I’m still torn on this…should I just take tennis shoes, or do I need to actually invest in some crazy work boots I’m never going to wear again? Thoughts or suggestions?)
  • Water bottle (I want to find one that holds quite a bit of water, but doesn’t cost me $20)
  • Personal first aid kit
  • Sunscreen (duh, I need it on a daily basis)
  • Highly recommended:
  • Headlamp (I just have to find it in our garage)
  • umbrella/poncho (umbrella check…poncho…?)
  • earplugs (maybe Courtney can give me hers…)
Other than that…I just need to go through my clothes and toiletries and stuff it into the backpack that Robin is graciously letting me borrow, again. I used the same backpack when I went to South America, and I think also for my trip to Mexico. Although I like the idea of having one of my own, I feel like I would be cheating on Robin’s backpack. So I’ll stick with hers for now :)

Oh, and I get another vaccine next Friday, can’t wait!