I found out about The List Project (TLP) a couple years ago while working on a research paper about immigration issues involving Iraqi citizens. My paper discussed how there were Iraqi citizens who were putting their lives on the line in order to work for the US (as translators, etc.), and who later sought asylum because their lives were being threatened by their relationship with the US.

TLP was created to address this issue, and to create a support network for those Iraqi’s who make it to the United States: to help them adjust, find a job, etc. I’m actually embarrassed to admit I have not been as involved with this organization as I would like. I hope that sometime in the near future I’ll be able to actually put some real work towards this organization. In the meantime, I hope you guys will check out their website. They need your help, not just financially, but your time, your connections, your expertise, etc. Check ‘em out!