So I think I was pretty productive this week in making things happen. First of all, I took care of my passport issue. A really was hoping that I wouldn’t have to send in my old passport by just saying that I had “lost” my old one, but in that case I had to provide a certified copy of my birth certificate. I didn’t have the energy to even look into how long it would take to do that, so I made copies of the pages in my old one (yeah, it might be lame, but I kinda like having all the stamps in my passport of the places I’ve been to…), and shipped it away hoping that I’ll get it back after they process everything and punch a whole in it. So, I had to pay the passport fee, an expedited fee to make sure I get it back on time, and you have to pay for them to ship it back to you via express mail, which means it came out to about $160.00. On top of that, I had to pay $18 to send it overnight express and tracking, to make sure it gets to where its going. *sigh*

I also called on Monday morning to move up my vaccination appointment, so I’ll be getting all sorts of fun shots this coming Monday.

I also called CHOC and made an appointment to donate blood tomorrow, since I won’t be able to donate for a while when I get back from Haiti, and I can’t donate once I get my vaccinations done. So that should be fun also :)

Finally, the donations keep trickling in! Coming home and seeing the mail is honestly the best part of my days right now, and you guys haven’t failed me yet–I’ve had one donation waiting for me everyday for the last few days!