So I found out about this group through a link an old college friend posted on his Facebook. A link to the exact same video I’m sharing with all of you today! Their name is Pate de Fua, and although located in Mexico City, I believe the members of the band hail from several different countries, including Argentina.

Fernando posted a link to the music video posted below, and I loved it, so I tried to get more of their music. Thing is, they only sold their CD IN Mexico City…well hell. So I emailed Fernando to see if he knew how I could get my hands on their CD, and lo-and-behold, he actually bought it and mailed it to me! It was one of those actions that meant way more to me than was probably originally intended. See, I haven’t actually spoken to Fernando since we graduated sometime around 2005, and for him to go out of his way to get this CD to me reminded me that there are still really cool people out there. Thank you Fernando!
So without further ado: