So tonight was one of my tutoring nights, which meant that I went in to work early and got off early. Surprisingly, I left right at 5pm, not 5:20 or 5:30 as has happened almost every other time I tutor. I think it was a combination of getting off exactly at 5, and the coming of Spring, but I swear it felt like a completely different drive. When I pulled up to David’s street, it felt like I had never been down that street before! By the time I get to their block, it’s usually already dark, so it was weird to drive down a street I’ve driven down dozens of times, and feel like it was the first time because I was actually able to distinguish details in the daylight.

Anyhow, I pulled up to their driveway and parked in my usual area (right in the middle of the driveway–only because David said I could!), walked up to their front door, and rang the doorbell. Every time I’ve done this before, I can hear little footsteps rushing to the door to greet me, usually one of the three children that are able to walk. And when David opens the door, there’s usually one kid in front of him pushing through to say hi to me. It’s an amazing feeling to know that they KNOW it’s me, and they’re that excited to see ME.
So today, I rang the doorbell, and it was insane. Insanely amazing. I heard all three pairs of footsteps running toward the door and fighting to open it. When the door opened, the youngest one was screaming in excitement, and I had to pick him up and hug him and carry him all the way to the kitchen, while I hugged the other two hello.
Little big things like that totally make it worth my time, and it made my night :)