I discovered Mana when I was about eight or nine. Franky listened to them allllll day looooong! I honestly can’t believe they’ve been around for so long, and that I actually like every album they’ve made. Although I hate to pick “favorites” of anything, if I was forced at gun-point to pick a favorite band, this would be it. For those of you not familiar with them, Mana is quite the phenomena in Latin America and for Hispanics in the United States. You can’t attend a family gathering, wedding, birthday party, etc., where you won’t hear at least one Mana song played. At least. So it’s difficult to pick videos to put on here. Well…it seems that I can’t actually post any of their videos, so if you want to enjoy, you’ll have to follow the link :)

This first one has been coming up alot on my Mana mix lately, so I thought I’d share this one with you all–Manda Una Senal.
I think this might have been one of the many we played at our wedding–Como te deseo.
This one I think I played so many times for Jeff that he actually started learning the lyrics :)
Finally a video that actually worked!
Hope you guys enjoy!