I discovered Imogen Heap through Jeff (shocker!), when we first started dating. She’s amazing. I’m posting several of her videos because I like each one for different reasons.

This first one I like because it’s an official video and I just love the style of how she does things.

The next one is of a live performance and I think one of my favorite songs of hers:
This last one I’m putting just so you can see the sheer talent that she has. I was lucky enough to see her live back in 2006 or 2007, and she blew me away. You might not believe this from just watching the first video I posted, but everything in that video is done by one person! She uses all of these cool gadgets where she records tracks and then she can loop them and manipulate them to bring them all together and make one amazing song. So this video is here mostly for the purpose of showing you how she does it:
Hope you enjoy!