I have always wondered when it would happen. Although my mom and my aunts are satisfied with their jobs, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t what they dreamed of doing or being. I’m sure when they were younger, they had dreams and aspirations of what they wanted to achieve with their lives. Personally, I think they’ve all achieved amazing milestones, each of them raising children through varies adversities in life, buying homes, maintaining relationships, etc. My focus here is more on career/professional dreams rather than personal or familial.

When I was in second grade, I remember an assignment (which I’m sure we all had at some point) where you had to draw yourself as what you wanted to be someday. I drew myself in a camouflage uniform (my uncle was a marine). I can still picture that drawing. Needless to say, that dream only lasted as long as it took me to realize that I would never be able to run a block without losing my breath.

Then I moved on to becoming a teacher. I think this one lasted all the way through highschool. I was fascinated by chemistry and biology, but I never thought I would be able to effectively explain these concepts to a classroom full of children. So I left that one aside. I’m glad I did this because once I reached college and met people that were actually pursing science degrees, I knew I would have never made it!

From high school on, I was fascinated with diplomacy and international relations, and international non profit organizations (focused on human rights and democracy). That one has stuck around for some time now.

My question when I see folks who are older than me is: what was it like when they each realized they weren’t going to get exactly where they wanted to go? I’m assuming we each have a time in our lives where we start realizing that the realities of life get in the way of the ideals you wanted to pursue, and you start to adjust to those new realities.