It was probably around 7:30 or 8pm last night when Jeff and I were finally making our drive to In n Out for dinner. We were both STARVING. After deciding we were both on the same page as far as wanting to avoid the uber brightness of the place, we decided to eat in our car.

So there we are, STARVING, finally digging in to our burgers. But unless you’re one of the few people who only eats their fries until they’re done with their burger or vice versa (I’ve actually met someone like that), you like to enjoy your burger and fries at the same time. Which leads to…..ketchup packets. I mean, seriously, who uses just one? So why not make them bigger?! If you ask for a side of special sauce, they give you a HUGE packet of special sauce…why can’t ketchup come in THAT size instead of torture size packets? Instead…I have to put my hunger aside to open 4 or 5 tiny packets…and then proceed with my meal. Gah.

FINE PRINT: my apologies to [Courtney] for using her name without permission in one of my earlier blogs. It will never happen again. Except for this one. Sorry. Public apology: check.