“See you then.”
This is NOT good texting etiquette, people! (Unless you’re Jeff’s dad and you text “Ribs,” in which case we will drop what we’re doing and come over for dinner). I have confirmed with several sources (ahem, Jeff, Travis, Courtney…), and you can’t just leave a text hanging like that, or even worse, end it on a period. That’s just wrong. I know that in your mind it sounds perfectly normal, but in text tone it’s just not. My theory: all texts must include at least one exclamation point and/or happy face (note: the happy face can be a wink, :P, or any denomination of a smiley face: :) :-) etc.).
Furthermore, if your text is more than one sentence long, you have to mix up the exclamation points and the smiley faces, and use them repeatedly. For example:
“Hey! I’m doing great, how are you? Can’t wait to see you on Sunday!”
“We missed you last night :( When do you come home?!”
Live and learn folks.