I have it on good authority that this week was pretty crazy (Pat–I’m writing this on a Saturday morning, so it doesn’t count-not a drinking night). I got to spend quality time with a few amazing people, and I also felt like Jeff and I both suffered the wrath of the Storm of the Century that hit the Southland this week.

Daniel (very good friend of mine) and I had been trying to schedule a lunch date last week, and due to my work schedule I had to put it off for today. Neither one of us remembered that the weather forecasts for the day were less than amenable to driving in the rain. After talking Dan through some directions and getting him to my parking lot, I had to physically make it down to his car so we could go grab lunch. Well…it just so happens that around 1pm on Monday, it was raining harder than it had been raining all day. Just to give you an idea of how bad it was: some of the guys from work were standing outside in the covered walkway looking at the rain and taking pictures of how ridiculous it was. And here I am, in my heels and work pants, thinking of the endless journey from our walkway to Dan’s car. Everyone thought I was crazy for going out in the rain, but what could I do, Dan was waiting downstairs, and if he had faced the rain to get to my office, I was gonna make it downstairs! Thankfully, one of the guys from the office manned up and walked me to Dan’s car with his umbrella, so damage was minimal. We made it to Tokyo Cafe, and wouldn’t you know that minutes into our meal…the sun was shining. I mean, really? Talk about timing.
I was at work trying to figure out what of the 10 things on my to-do list were most important, and therefore I should focus on those for my last hour of work. I looked at my phone and saw I had a missed call from Jeff which was interesting–Jeff’s not a phone person, he’s a texter. He eventually called again, only to tell me that his car had gotten flooded and he was stranded. I left my to-do list untouched, said a quick goodbye to everyone, and headed toward the scene of the crime. By the time I got to Jeff and his car, there was no sign of a flood, no rain, no water pouring down the street…just a cop car, Jeff’s stranded car, and another stranded car on the other side of the street. Not much of a crime scene, eh? See, what happened was that Jeff got off work just in time to drive down Barranca during the 10 minutes the street was flooded, therefore getting his car stuck and left to the mercy of a good samaritan who pulled him out, preventing more damage to his car than there already was (a good 3 inches of water INSIDE his car). Good timing yet again!
Thursday (almost done..promise)
We had to drive to the Riverside Courthouse, and it was just constant rain all the way there. We did what we had to do inside the courthouse (literally 10 minutes), and when we came out, the sun was shining! So I’m thinking it’s gonna be a smooth drive back to the office. Uh, right. I swear we drove through a hurricane. The water, rain, and the river that everyone was driving through was insane! Of course, when we made it back into Orange County and our office, it was barely sprinkling. Amazing.
I actually have no complaints about Friday! Naomi came and met me for lunch, which was so sweet of her. I met Naomi while I was working for a temp agency after I took the bar, and I’m so happy we actually kept in touch! It took having Naomi around for me to finally go into this little shop down the street from my school that I had always wanted to go into but never did. Mind you, I’ve worked and studied in this area for the past four years, and I just never made the time. So, thank you Naomi :)
In a long, roundabout way, that’s my week in review!