So, it actually happened a lot quicker than I thought it would: I got an office! It did make things around the office a little awkward for the first few days or so. See, initially I thought they were going to make new offices in the big open space they had in the back , rather than move anyone around that was currently in one of the 3 offices they have. But I think converting the open space to office space was a little more costly than they wanted, so they ended up kicking out the 3 guys that had offices, and putting them in cubicles in the back, and giving me an office to share with the paralegal that’s training me.

So here I am, fairly new to the firm, still learning the ropes, and already managing to get three guys kicked out of their offices so I could get one. I’m assuming they all got kicked out so it wouldn’t seem personal if they only picked one of the guys to lose their office. Things seem ok, but I’m sure I wouldn’t be happy if I was one of the people that lost an office to the new girl…attorney or not.
Anyhow, here’s my office! And to make matters even more comical, they decided to put my name on the door to the office. Mind you, I share this office with the head paralegal who is the one training me, who’s been there longer and works his butt off…and his name didn’t get put on the door…that created quite a string of non-stop jokes with everyone.
Kinda cool though! And finally, after almost 5 years, my UCSB diploma finally got an actual frame, and both that one and my Chapman diploma will be going up in my office on Monday!