“Dear Sears shoppers, for a limited time only, we are offering free samples of upcoming QVC promotional items! Just look for the blue light in the men’s department, near the escalator, we will be starting in 2 minutes!”

2 minutes. That’s how close my mom and I were to getting out of Sears on Saturday night. And then that came on the loudspeaker. Among the racks of coats, jackets, and dress pants, I sneak a look over at my mom to gauge her interest at the announcement.
“Just one more minute and we will be handing out FREE samples of our promotional QVC items, just look for the flashing blue lights!”
Uh oh. Let me explain something: for one, everyone loves free stuff. Everyone. And my mom loves QVC….a lot. Because I love her dearly, and because she’d been running around with me for a good hour dealing with my pickiness in choosing a new suit for work (“too baggy…I don’t want black….I don’t want a skirt, I want a pantsuit…too old-lady like…etc., etc., etc.), I thought I’d give in on this. “You wanna go, don’t you?” I saw the look of curiosity in her eyes. “No, no…it’s ok.” A sigh of relief! We only had a couple more racks to look through before we gave up on Sears and moved on to the next location.
“30 seconds everyone, come start lining up, we only have a limited amount of free samples! Just look for the flashing blue lights!”
I think it was the blue lights that got us. “Let’s just go see if we find the blue lights…”
So we went. And we got played. We got the chef knife, we got the garnishing kit, we got the steak knives, and the other knife…all for the amazing price of $29.99! Expect cool-cut fruit soon…unless they’re not as amazing as they made them look! ;)