So the commute to work the last two weeks has been amazing. I’ve been making it to work in 15 minutes, rather than 30. I figured it was because of the holidays, and was expecting the normal traffic today. I had planned on leaving early in anticipation of this, but I ended up running late and left the house with coffee in hand at my usual 8:30 am (I could have left early if I had not waited for my coffee to finish brewing, but that’s basically suicide as far as I’m concerned).

I was expecting the normal pre-holiday clutter right before Jamboree, but to my surprise, I breezed onto the 55, and into the parking lot at work without really having to stop or slow down at all.


So…where is everyone? Are people taking extended vacations? Or is this a result of the 10% unemployment rate? Not that I’m complaining…I’ll test the waters again tomorrow before deciding to sleep in a few minutes…