I think it started with my first car: a 1980-something 3-series BMW with faulty electrical wiring, a faulty odometer, and a non-existent gas gauge, to mention a few. Being as faulty as it was, I continuously looked forward to what my next car would be, and set my eyes on the prize: an upgrade to a more-modern-looking 5 series! My desire for this car was so well known that my college roommate even snuck out a fold out magazine poster of a 3 series (thanks Belv!) from her job, and yes, I hung it up in our room (I was young, ok?).

A few years down the road, my friend Brooke told me she didn’t want me driving a BMW because people who drove BMW’s were jerks. I thought she was kidding–but after our conversation I started paying attention and realized she was kind of right! With a few exceptions (Franky and Courtney being two of them), I’ve realized that BMW drivers are pretty crappy, and they are slowly breaking my resolve to own one myself someday.
It’s a good thing I’ve also set my eyes on a Maserati! (one can dream…)