I got my own printer! For most of you, this may not mean much. But for those who remember my Office Space entry, the shared printer was getting uber frustrating. Alex (the other Alex, I’m not referring to myself in the third person…yet) really pulled through and mentioned to the attorney that calling the office manager to ask her if we could print, then walking around the corner to pick up every document we print, was really getting in the way of our productivity. Said and done–within an hour or so, there was a printer installed in my cubicle (no office yet, I’ll post on that later).

Hooowwwever, I’m a little anal on organization and layout. I had gotten comfortable with how I had set up my desk, and the extension cord didn’t reach to where I ideally would have wanted the printer. So I had to apologize for being a high maintenance attorney, and I [very nicely] asked for an extension cord so I could move it to the complete opposite side of my desk. With a little hustle and bustle, the printer was where I wanted it, and now I’m off to prove that I deserve a raise!

*sorry for boring you on my printer status, and the many
more similar office posts that are to come*