I really think it’s the only thing that has gotten Jeff and I through these last couple months. As you probably know from prior posts, things have been difficult for Jeff and I, but we’ve somehow managed. People always say that money is what tears marriages apart, and I guess I can kind of see why. Obviously Jeff and I are somewhat novice to the marriage idea (3 months today!!), but I’d like to think we’ve got a good thing going.
Even now that I started a job, it doesn’t alleviate things overnight. We still have bills that are overdue (but getting paid day-by-day), and things we’d like to do but are unable to do right now. And Jeff won’t be getting some of the money that he was getting from unemployment, so I think my income will basically even things out rather than put us over the top. But among all of this, there have constantly been things that keep me positive and hopeful (which is difficult to do, believe me). As rocky as things have been the last couple months with money, rent, bills, etc., the thing that always kept me hopeful was knowing that I have Jeff in my life, along with our friends and family.
This season, especially, makes me really happy. My mom and all my aunts came to our place last week, and it made me so happy to just sit around my apartment with them and catch up on everything. It made me realize how lucky I am to have the family that I have. On Tuesday, my mom surprised Jeff and I and bought us a Christmas tree, which was amazing. We had been holding off on buying it because we wanted to make sure all our bills were paid before we splurged, so it was soooo amazing to walk into our apartment on Tuesday after my first day of work, and find a Christmas tree all set up! (My mom called Jeff, so he went to her house to pick it up, then set it up at our place before I got home.) We also got to spend time on Tuesday with Jeff’s parents (who cooked him a special birthday dinner: tacos!), and got to celebrate Jeff’s birthday on Wednesday with all of our close friends. To top it off, Courtney came over to our place to help us decorate the tree, and we had hot chocolate after we were all done. It’s amazing to share special occasions with those you love and appreciate. It makes me all giddy!
I know some of you reading this are still struggling, and the point of this is to simply remind everyone to be thankful for the good things we have in life. I know how easy it is to get down and out, but it makes life easier when you remember all the little-good things in life, rather than just the big-bad things ;)