So I got a call back from the bankruptcy/immigration firm on Wednesday, and went in for a second interview on Friday, where they actually offered me a position. I took it. I start tomorrow (Tuesday) and I’m really looking forward to seeing how this turns out. It’s not necessarily where I saw myself working, but it could be a good opportunity and it gives Jeff and I an income, which we desperately need right now.

On the lighter side of things, guess what they kept asking me? Did I REALLY speak Spanish fluently? No one really believed me, and I was basically begging them to just ask me something in Spanish so we could get the credibility issue out of the way. I got a tour of the office after the second interview (which was just an overview of logistics for the position, and an inquiry into whether I really spoke Spanish…) and they introduced me to everyone that works in the office. They’re pretty much all Hispanic, and they all had the same Arrested-Development-ish question in their eyes: “Her?” I knew what they were thinking: there’s no way this girl speaks Spanish fluently. I can’t wait for tomorrow!