I’m sure thousands of bar passers for decades now have experienced what I experienced on Friday, November 20th: constant nausea every time I thought about getting my results at 6 p.m.! Thing is, Katie and I had discussed the possibility of having to take the bar again in February, and we had made our peace with the idea. What made me want to throw up every five minutes was having to face my friends and family. Having to take the exam again was second to that. The other issue that was talked about with fellow bar takers was the protocol to inform one another about our results–no one wants to inquire if you don’t know you’re going to get good news. After much strategery and discussion, we decided to just rely on self-disclosure. The minutes after 6:00 pm were some of the most chaotic I’ve had lately–phone calls, texts messages, facebook status’ were been tossed around left and right.

I have consistently lacked confidence throughout my academic career, so I owe a HUGE thank you to all the family and friends who have supported me and believed in me throughout the years :)

And Katie: you still owe me a happy dance!