I’m a huge fan of books and reading, something I owe to my mom. Although I’ve enjoyed books of all types, I’m coming to realize I’m more of a “series” reader. When I was young, I read all the Little House books (which I still have!) and most Anne of Green Gables books. In my older years, I became obsessed with Stephen King’s Dark Tower series, and I’ll openly admit that I’ve read the Twilight series multiple times. My latest conquest: Harry Potter.

As much as I love getting into a series, here are my problems:

1) It sucks when it’s over. I’m sure most people have experienced that feeling when you finish a book, kind of an emptiness, or longing for it NOT to be over…or maybe it’s just me. Either way, this feeling is intensified when you’ve invested 4, 6, 8 books in the reading. You’ve spent that much more time getting to know the characters and their dilemmas, and it’s that much harder to let them go and face your own reality.


2) I’m obsessive about finishing. This happens to me with any good book, not just a series, but a series makes it that much worse because I’m just rushing and obsessed with moving on to the next book. (Here’s my Catch-22: I can’t wait to finish, but then I finish and I’m left with problem #1. Ah the inhumanity of it all!) I really just can’t be productive with anything else going on in my life until I’m done. Jeff knows what I mean. The poor guy has to deal with a zombie in the car while he drives, while the zombie is off in God knows what fictional universe.

I really wish I could just take my time and enjoy each book, prolonging the unavoidable end. This would also allow me to be semi-productive at carrying on my normal, daily life activities, rather than constantly thinking: “I could be reading my book right now!” But since it’s something I’ve just accepted….any reading suggestions out there?