Don’t freak out, the title has nothing to do with Jeff and I, thankfully he’s deciding to stick around :) I went to a workshop today that was put on by my law school, giving advice on how to start your solo practice. I’m thinking this is because their employment statistics are looking pretty horrid and they need those of us who are unemployed to get a “job,” stat. Anyhow, aside from having to raise some capital (or put aside my law school loans by deferring them again and opening up some new credit cards), the most difficult thing is-obviously-getting clients.

So my question to all of you, dear readers, is: will you be getting a divorce, have custody issues, seek a fiance visa for someone you met in a foreign country and now wish to marry and bring to the United States, need a visa for someone you are employing from a foreign country, need a will or living trust, in the near future? I’m sure these are all things you can fit into your lives somehow. If so, let me know so I can seriously start considering career options….thank you!