So this is something I had typed up to include in our attendant gifts (which were CD’s with all of our favorite songs), but it was too long to really put in with the CD’s. Thought I’d still throw it out there.


First day of my life, by Bright Eyes

“First day of my life,” is kind of an obvious one. Jeff and I have been looking forward to this day for about three years, and we’re beyond excited to start our new married life together, and all the happiness and grief that may come with it!


Skinny Love, by Bon Iver

Jeff discovered Bon Iver online, after a live presentation on the Letterman show (I recommend checking out that version on YouTube, the drums sounds verrrry cool!). I think Jeff and I just like the passion with which this song is played and sung.


Old Timers, by Leslie and the Badgers

Jeff and I first discovered Leslie and the Badgers when we were visiting Sabrina in Salt Lake City. We immediately had a crush on Leslie. Lucky for us, they’re from Santa Monica, CA, so we’ve been able to see them live again. We picked this song because we really do want to be “Old Timers” together, sitting on the porch drinking lemonade beer.


Adoro, by Los Panchos

I’ve grown up with Los Panchos, and although I believe I exposed Jeff to it not too long into our relationship, it was at my uncle Franky’s wedding that I translated this song for Jeff and it took on a very personal meaning for us. It’s one of those classic love songs, where you’re everything to each other, and you love every single thing about that person. It didn’t take long for us to decide on this song as our first dance.


The Greatest, by Cat Power

Cat Power just has such an amazing voice, we had to put her on this CD. Sorry Brookie!


American Boy, by Estelle and Kanye West

To spice things up a bit, we threw in “American Boy” which Jeff and I truly enjoy.


Fools, by the Dodos

Jeff is a HUGE Dodo’s fan! So is his brother Mike, I think. It’s great for sunny driving days J


Hoist that Rag, by Tom Waits

Again, another artist that Jeff exposed me to—Tom Waits. I love how different his sound is, there’s something about it that just gets to me-in a good way. I don’t think I would have appreciated this artist before meeting Jeff.


Blood on my Shirt, by Band of Annuals

Band of Annuals is another band that was playing with Leslie and the Badgers in Salt Lake. They’re actually HUGE in Salt Lake—everywhere we went that day, people were spreading the word about The Annuals playing that night. It was great that we were able to partake in this piece of Salt Lake culture. Another girl with amazing vocals (I think).


That’s how strong my love is, by Otis Redding

That’s how strong my love is. It’s a classic. And it’s also Jeff’s alarm ring tone—it’s actually a great way to start our day! This was the song we picked to make our reception entrance.


Our Song, by Adam Watts

We actually don’t know the title to this Adam Watt’s song. An old Starbucks co-worker of mine (Mr. Dodd) burned me an amazing CD with a bunch of random songs, and this one was on it. Along came Mr. Jeff, and the song really started making sense to me. It’s funny how meanings of a song can change depending on where you are in your life. This is the song we decided to play as we were walking down the aisle together, as Mr. and Mrs.


Like red on a rose, by Alan Jackson

“Red on a Rose” is another result of Franky and Nicole’s wedding. My family and I instantly fell in love with this song as they danced their first dance as Mr. & Mrs. Hoyos, and I doubt any wedding in my family from now on will be missing this song.


She’s Everything, by Brad Paisley

I think I first heard this Brad Paisley song on the radio, and then played it for Jeff. I love how this song reflects loving the good and the bad of someone—you take that person as they are, whether they’re the giver you wish you could be or the stealer of the covers. This is hands down one of our favorite super sappy love songs. Like teary eyed favorites.


Flightless Bird, by Iron and Wine

For Twilight fans, you should recognize this as the song they dance to at the end of the movie. It’s not the reason why it’s in here though—Jeff would never allow that! Jeff and I always talk about how crazy it is that two people who are perfect for each—and yet so different—could actually meet (thanks Abby and Brooke!), so I always think of how I met Jeff when I hear this song: “…and I found you…”


Sabor a Mi, by Los Panchos with Eydie Gorme

Another Los Panchos favorite of ours. Edie Gorme is the female vocalist accompanying Los Panchos on this one. Again, one of those songs that just speaks of true love, and never being able to forget someone who you have shared so much with.


The Trapeze Swinger, by Iron and Wine

A final Iron and Wine song. It took a while for Jeff and I to decide what song we would play when I walked down the aisle. I remember we were on the 5 freeway, heading home from Jeff’s parents house when this song came on. There’s something about the mellowness and bells at the beginning that decided it. I’m not sure that the lyrics are the best for walking down the aisle, but the pace and rhythm were too perfect to pass up!