So yesterday Concern America was selling stuff at my church, and I thought I’d pass along their link. It’s a pretty cool non profit that goes to developing countries, such as Guatemala and El Salvador, and works with the indigenous communities down there. They bring whatever crafts those communities make to the United States, sell them, and send them their money. I was surprised at how interested the residents of Aliso Viejo were in all the goodies.

As you probably know from my previous posts, Jeff and I aren’t in the greatest financial situation, but I know most people in Guatemala, etc., are probably worse off than we are. That’s why I decided to splurge on my tortilla holder :) IT’S PURPLE!

I’m posting links for two catalogs that Concern America has out right now. I think this is a great way to get some Christmas shopping out of the way. These particular catalogues may not have what you are looking for, but I encourage everyone to get some of their shopping done through non-profits that support some amazing causes. It’s a great way to buy gifts that are not only unique, but also help those who are in desperate need.

2008-2009 Catalogue:

Fall 2009 Holiday Catalogue:

Feel free to post links to your favorite charity/non-profit that has gift catalogues.

Happy Shopping!