Why start a blog? Well, it was actually inspired by one of my best, Sarah Busta, who started a blog of her own not too long ago (Call it inspiration). I also started reading up on blogs from a couple people living in Guatemala (Guateliving and Expatmom) and was surprised to see how interested I was in the lives of complete strangers. Anyhow, I doubt anyone is really interested in my daily happenings, but thought it would be nice to have a forum to write about things–if I ever feel like it and want to share with people.

Why Cielo Azul for my blog title? Well, mostly because my other ideas had apparently already been taken. But that doesn’t mean that Cielo Azul just came out of complete randomness. In Spanish it means Blue Sky, and I’ve always thought it was a cool combination of words. It came to me as I was driving on the 5 on my way to school, and started daydreaming–as I know we all do. I’ve always thought about how curious it is that people name houses/ranches/finca’s etc., and started daydreaming about what I would name my own finca, if I ever came to have one. I think the sky was particularly blue that morning, and Cielo Azul it was. Thinking about it gives me this sense of relaxation and peacefulness, thinking of my finca, laying in the hammock and staring at the sky.

Since I’m pretty sure I’ll never own a large plantation size property, I thought I’d put the name to a more practical use!